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Key Person Recruitment

The health and success of all organizations is dependent on the quality of executive, top management and specialized technical personnel. The services of outside professionals are utilized by prudent organizations to find skilled and effective leaders and key technical personnel. Our recruiters are skilled professionals who can identify the best person to fill a critical position in the organization.

Although search functions can be performed by in-house human resources staff, employing the services of an outside search firm is ultimately more expedient and cost-effective. Recruiters provide strict confidentiality, a wide-ranging network of contacts, expertise in candidate assessment and negotiation experience.


We approach each search with a strategy developed only after an in-depth assessment of the situation and development of a detailed position description indicating the important requirements. Our strategy includes a specific target list of related and similar organizations in which the primary search effort will be focused – coupled with a thorough approach to identifying and attracting the most qualified candidates. While this approach has been refined over time to provide the best results, each search strategy is customized to fit the individual needs of each client. Our emphasis is on the impact of the placement on the organization.

Our recruiters can tap into a wide network of contacts

Top-notch talent is scarce today.  The best candidates are already employed and many will deal only with a professional recruiter. They appreciate the worth of third party representation, confidentiality, and professional mediation. Recruiting superior candidates is intricate and best performed by professionals with extensive networks of contacts.

Our recruiters bring expertise to candidate selection

Professional search is a time-consuming and sensitive process and should involve more than just the identification of viable candidates. Our recruiters have assessment expertise that goes beyond just merely identifying and interviewing potential talent.  We lead the client through a process of defining a realistic position profile, and using that information, we design a selection process aimed at assessing the important, job-related skills and abilities needed for success in the job. The search consultants can then provide objective feedback on the candidates and advice to the client based upon this comprehensive assessment process.  As experts in individual assessment, talent profiling and reference checking, we can obtain information about candidates that has a higher rate of predicting success than the simple “interview” and reference check.

Our executive recruiting services are cost effective

The benefit of using a professional search service can be weighed against the cost of preparing and executing an advertisement/recruitment campaign, screening and qualifying candidates, operating without a needed employee for an extended length of time, compared to getting the right person for the job the first time. The use of this service is an investment in improving the quality of the management/professional team. Hiring an incompetent employee who makes bad decisions and alienates employees can cost an organization by increasing turnover, driving away potential employees, and lost business and revenue. In the current market, top management/professional talent is at a premium and can make or break a company or organization. Our recruiters can significantly increase the probability of a successful hire.


Because every client and every search is unique, we customize our search process to match the right candidate with the right organization. Our success comes from our personal approach that includes working personally with the client and obtaining a complete understanding of the position and the culture of the organization. Many placements fail because of a discrepancy between the culture of the organization and the culture desired by the new hire.  During the assessment phase, we use generally accepted psychometric methods to evaluate the top candidates, especially in relation to leadership, management style and organizational culture. Our goal is to ensure a successful placement.

We have found that the key elements of the search process can be tailored to fit the specific needs of our client and typically include the following steps:

1.   We meet with the client to review and understand the organization and the problems and issues. Working as a team with the client, our goal in this job analysis stage is to acquire an understanding of the client’s management philosophy and values, the organizational culture, the organizational structure and needs, and the important skills, abilities, and personal characteristics required for success in the position.

2.   Defining the position and the "ideal qualifications" of the executive best suited to be successful. We believe the successful search requires a carefully thought out, mutually agreed-upon written description of the position, its objectives, performance expectations and culture within which the person must work.

3.    Jointly develop a list of appropriate target organizations. In conjunction with the client, we formulate a list of selected organizations where we recommend that our search efforts be directed.

4.    Identify prospective candidates. It is a well-known fact that some of the best candidates respond more favorably to an in-person approach. This step covers an intensive networking contact and screening effort using both the list of target organizations from Step 3 and personal contacts and the resources of our industry.  We discreetly identify and contact prospects in the target organizations. At the same time, as other leads develop, we extend the search into other target areas that may prove fruitful.

5.    Screen, evaluate, and assess candidate prospects. After outstanding prospective candidates have been identified, contacted, and initially evaluated, we go through in-depth, personal interviews with them. For those candidates successful in this initial interview/evaluation process, we prepare an in-depth assessment using accepted psychometric methods. In some instances, we may partner with experts in management assessment center methods that are designed to assess a group of candidates on the various critical elements related to management and leadership.

6.   Conduct reference checks. For the top candidates from the assessment phase, reference checks are conducted to validate the past performance and qualities of the candidate. Credentials are verified, and an assessment is made of the individual strengths and weaknesses with respect to the position.

7.    Present the most outstanding candidates to the client. Working closely with the client, we narrow the field of the candidates further and introduce those who are best qualified, usually two to four individuals. A report is submitted that contains verified biographical data, a thorough summary of experience and accomplishments, and our formal appraisal.

8.    Follow up meetings between the client and the candidates. Throughout the period of candidate interviews, assessment, and meetings, we are actively involved in coordinating, scheduling and communicating between all parties. We believe in managing this part of the process closely to ensure the process moves forward.

9.   Assist in the negotiation of final offer and terms. In the last stage of the project, we work actively with the client and the final candidate to negotiate the salary and other terms that are agreeable to all parties.

10. After-search follow-up with client and the successful candidate. We will communicate periodically with the client and the successful candidate during the early stages of the candidate’s transition to the organization. If necessary, a formal “coaching” program may be developed to help ensure the smooth integration of the candidate into the new job and environment.